Wellness treatments - Spa vacation in Castelrotto South Tyrol

Various peelings and treatments guarantee a holistic spa experience in your holidays in the Sciliar area

Body peeling
Exfoliation stimulates the body's own natural process of cellular renewal.

Purifying Peeling 25 min € 34,00
Alpine salt helps cleanse your skin and free it of dead cells. At the same time, your skin will be supplied with minerals and trace elements. A highly effective classic treatment.

Traditional Alpine hay peeling 25 min € 38,00
Ground Alpine meadow hay helps to thoroughly cleanse and relax your skin, as well as providing you with a fresh, glowing complexion.

Facial experiences
Your well-being is written in the face. Regular cautious care with high-quality products is a prerequisite for dazzling, healthy appearance.

Facial treatment with Massage 80 min € 90,00
without Massage 50 min € 70,00
Deep, intensive cleansing by means of steam and defoliation. Afterwards, we'll apply a mask and creme appropriate to your skin type. Our products consist of pure plantbased and natural ingredients.

Lymph-Stimulating or drainig facial massage 25 min € 45,00
Helps detoxify, firm up, and smooth your skin.

Manicure with Nail polish or massage   € 43,00
Pedicure with Nail polish or massage   € 50,00
Eyebrow shaping € 17,00

Full (legs, underarm and Bikini area)   € 55,00
Full leg and bikini area € 51,00
Full leg € 37,00
Legs up to the knee or arms € 27,00
Upper lip € 13,00
Underarms € 18,00
Bikini area € 20,00
Back or Chest   € 26,00