Swimming in a natural lake - Laghetto di Fiè at the foot of the Sciliar

Enjoy a refreshment after a hike in the pond of Fiè or spend there a relaxing swimming day with the whole family

Not far away from us there is the small and idyllic lake "Laghetto di Fie". It's at the beginning of Sciliar Natural Park and is fed by a spring of fresh mountain water and melting snow from the Sciliar. In summer time, when the water reaches 22-24C, it's a great swimming destination and there are a few row boats you may hire for a short trip around this wonderful little mountain lake. Nowadays they have built also a little pool area for small kids, so they can swim in the lake water too, without being in danger to go too far. Around the lake you may find a fitness and adventure trail where you can keep yourself in shape and have some fun if the day of lazy sitting around the lake gets too long.
A little higher up the mountain there is also a second little lake. This is just for fishing! With a little extra charge it will be possible to cook and eat your catches right there.