Wellness offer in S. Michele Castelrotto - Massages for all needs

Relaxing partial and full body massages ensure a maximum of well-being in your wellness vacation at the Hotel Chalet Tianes

Honey massage 50 min € 63,00
the thickenting of connective tissue is a frequent cause for back pain. this special massage technique employs honey which is worked deep into your connective tissue. the waste products stored in your connective tissue are released and can be transported out of the body.

Traditional European massage 50 min € 63,00
the combined use of herbal applications, massage techniques, as well as stretching and cupping in accordance with “traditional european Medicine” makes for a very effective treatment. promotes the flow of your body’s humors (fluids). your musculature is made more supple. ideal for after heavy physical exercise.

Traditional European back massage 50 min € 63,00
This special back massage is an effective and refreshing treatment for your back. The combination of tested-and-proven techniques like herbal applications, massage techniques, stretching, and cupping makes this massage an unforgettable experience.

Traditional European cellulite massage 50 min € 63,00
the connective tissue in your problem areas is optimally prepared using an herbal application and a heat application according to Kneipp. the cupping head massage helps to eliminate toxins and free radicals. the special anti-cellulite cream rounds out this treatment.

Classical Massage 50 min € 57,00
Massage with a deep, intensive effect to relax your musculature and relieve tensions.

Anti-stress Massage 50 min € 63,00
This unique relaxation massage employs gentle rhythmic motions to transport you into a sensuous world of relaxation. The pleasant warmth of the hot roller (according to Kneipp), together with the pure, high-quality essential oils help to relax and loosen your musculature.

Partial massage: (Back or legs) 25 min € 36,00
Ideal for muscle tensions in the back and neck or for tired legs.

Aroma oil massage 50 min € 63,00
A massage with high-quality aromatic oils to relax, vitalize, or harmonize your body, mind, and spirit. Choose your personal aroma from avariety of essences to elevate your sense of well-being.

Relaxing massage of reflex zones at the feet 50 min € 60,00
The well-being of your entire body can be enhanced via your feet.

Lymph-stimulation massage 50 min € 60,00
Gentle massage which activates the flow of your lymph by means of light pressure and circular motions. Ideal for heavy legs and swollen limbs.

Alpine Swiss Pine Wood Massage 50 min € 63,00
Feel nature directly on your body. the special rods of swiss pine will make this massage a unique experience. this massage technique loosens and relaxes the muscles. the power of the different types of pine strengthens the respiratory tract and the immune system. A stroll through the forests of south tyrol.

Herbal Pad Massage 50 min € 63,00
Gentle massages release the purifying and skin-restoring benefits from the hot herbal pouches containing melissa, yarrow, marigold, nettles, lavender and rosemary. Wafted away to magical fragrant worlds, you feel relaxed and in perfect balance.

Lomi Lomi massage 80 min € 87,00
This Hawaiian oil massage employs not only the masseuse's hands, but also his/her forearms. The use of the proper grips helps sooth painful tensions.

Energetic stone ritual arccording 80 min € 90,00
  50 min € 63,00
This special ritual using quartz crystals and warm volcanic stones will energize your body and dispel your everyday cares. The quartz crystals are a source of power, and the warm volcanic stones relieve tensions.

Alpine herbal oil massage 50 min € 63,00
A traditional application of Alpine herbs with an unbelievably pleasant effect. This special massage combines the salubrious properties of spruce, juniper, St. John's Wort, and Arnica blossoms to relieve muscle tensions and enhance your life energy. The quartz crystal applied during the treatment imparts energy and vitality.

Back massage with subsequent Massage of the foot reflex zones 50 min € 65,00
A heavenly experience for your back and tired feet. Those parts of your body subjected to the most stress are pampered.

Gentle honey oil massage for kids 25 min € 36,00
A gentle and tender massage for children. Your kids will learn to relax. Improves concentration and attention span.