Destinations around Castelrotto - Cities, museums, monasteries etc.

Spend varied holidays in the surroundings of the Hotel Tianes with an extensive offer of popular destinations and sights

The region around the Sciliar is not only rich for sport activities, but also the culture is a big part of the area.
Here, on the edge of the Dolomites, many different cultures have settled during all ages. So you may find ancient prehistoric sites, roman fortress, medieval castles and ruins and old houses, chapels and farms of the 17th and 18th century. Coming here you immerge in a world of new and old.
The following sights you should not miss:

Ötzi Museum in Bolzano
Follow in the footsteps of Ötzi the Iceman at the Ötzi Museum in Bolzano where, thanks to numerous exciting exhibits and research projects, you can experience the world of the man who was frozen in ice for thousands of years.

MMM „Messner Mountain Museum“
The Messner Mountain Museum offers visitors the extraordinary mountain experiences at five different locations. The main museum, at Sigmundskron Castle near Bolzano, is particularly special.

School Museum in Tagusa
The School Museum is located in a hamlet in the community of Castelrotto and is South Tyrol's last surviving school building from the Fascist era. It features fully equipped classroom and thus enables visitors to experience everyday school life in Tagusa as it was in the past.

Trauttmannsdorff Castle in Merano
Trauttmannsdorff Castle belongs for sure to the most popular tourist attractions in South Tyrol. The botanical gardens are open from March to November. Built in a natural amphitheatre overlooking Merano you'll be enchanted by the millions of different flowers and trees.

Towns in South Tyrol
If you want to take a day off lazing around the city and going shopping Bolzano, Merano, Bressanone and the other South Tyrolean cities charm you with its small shops in the old line houses.

The medieval village of Chiusa, approximately ten kilometers south of Bressanone, is famous for its picturesque squares and narrow streets. Highlights include Säben Abbey, which is a popular place of pilgrimage, which overlooks the city from its position high on the Säbener Mountain, and the local parish church.

Monastery di Novacella
Monastery di Novacella, which is located three kilometers to the north of Bressanone, has an eventful history behind it. The monastery complex is the largest in the entire Tyrolean region and incorporates an artistic history that spans the epochs. Today, it plays host to a private school and the associated student accommodation as well as a winery and an education center.

Prösels Castle
Picturesque Prösels Castle is located nearby, in the community of Fie allo Sciliar, surrounded by meadows and woodland. Particularly interesting are the weapons collection in the Pfeifersaal (Pipers' Hall) and the castle chapel, which is dedicated to St. Anne. Various events are held in the castle grounds during the summer, including theatrical performances, concerts and exhibitions.

Fiè Pond
The natural bathing lake known as Fie Pond is a popular destination for holiday-makers within the Sciliar Plateau as well as families and hikers. Part of the lake is designated as a natural habitat, but you can explore the rest of the lake, with its superb water quality, to your heart's content. Also noteworthy is the pond's superb location at the foot of the Sciliar and the Alpe di Siusi.

Organic herb garden
The "Pflegerhof" in S. Osvaldo, in the community of Castelrotto, is a paradise for those who love herb gardens, or just have a casual interest. Around eight hundred different varieties of herb are grown organically within the grounds, while the onsite shop sells a range of different herbal products.

S. Vigilio Siusi Golf Course
From April to November, the idyllically located golf course of S. Vigilio Siusi is open for a round of golf. Experts consider the course to be the finest eighteen-hole course in Northern Italy. Thanks to its position in the heart of the Sciliar mountain region, surrounded by the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Dolomites, players on the course enjoy an absolutely extraordinary panoramic view.